Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Check YOUR EPF ... before this happens~!

I got a forwarded email .. but I do think most of you had received it before. While for those who has not receives it yet, then do let me share to you ...

it goes as this(copy & paste from my email):

My mother just past away (Chinese New Yr 2009), me & my father was very sure that we are the Penama dalam kwsp because my mother happens to told us before she past away after she checked at KWSP. so I went to kwsp (4 Feb 2009) to claim my mother’s money tapi officer kwsp said my mother tak pernah letak penama. 
I was so confuse sebab 2 tahun lepas (yr 2007) I ikut my mother to check penama kwsp and update then my mother told me “Kalau jadi apa2 kat mak, Yanti kene uruskan duit mak”. My father also told us that my mother said to him 2 months before she past away (yr 2008) “I dah update penama KWSP nama you (my father) & Yanti. Kalau jadi apa2 kat I pandai2lah you uruskan duit I for our children”. 
Just imagine our frustration when we were told that my mother’s money have to go to Amanah Raya………… the procedure…………. So many steps…………after that we were told that we have to pay Amanah Raya certain percentage (I not remember how many percent) from my mother’s money for admin fee…… Please be careful…. Check your nomination yearly to avoid things like this….. we were so devastated when we lost our mother….. then this things happen……….for more than 30yrs my mother work, senang2 je KWSP boleh buat kerja macam ni……so kita kene berhati-hati sebab we never know benda macam ni boleh jadi kat kita. 
The alasan yang officer tu bagi after I cakap yg I very sure my mother updated the nomination is “sepatutnya kena check selalu, kalau tak puas hati nak check jugak, boleh pergi kat HQ, check BORANG HARD COPY ”. Masa tu I ingat 2 perkara: 
1)       Allah Maha adil
      Allah makmulkan doa orang yg ditindas regards


True or not true please check your EPF nomination .  
Dear Ladies  

I went to EPF on 17/3/09 to check on my nomination which I last done in year 2000.  EPF acknowledge of my nomination as they did chop & sign which I am still keeping the document till today. 

On 17 th  March 2009, upon checking, I was told that I did not nominate anyone for my EPF!!!  
This morning, I went to the EPF office with "Borang KWSP 4 Borang Penamaan" together with a copy of my photostat I.C. for resubmission.  This time I brought along the old copy of my submission way back in 20 Jan 2000 as proof to them.  This is what their staff said to me - Itu sudah lama punya, kami sudah tukar system baru. 
 Bila masa kami tukar system baru, kalau system dapat penamaan, makna adalah, kalau tak ada makna tak ada lah.  
Thererefore, do take some time off from office to check on your EPF.  You never know.  


Beware of EPF scandal - Please take care of your hard earned money  

This is a scheme to cheat our hard earned EPF money.

When EPF migrated to the computerised system, they simply THROW  AWAY ALL OUR  NOMINATION  CARDS.  
They are TOO LAZY TO MANUALLY ENTER OUR DETAILS  into the computerized system.  
They claimed that the data is lost due to new computer migration from one system to another.   
EPF must have asked a monkey to do the job, that's why the data is lost.   
But interestingly, only nomination data is lost.  
Where there is no nomination record and when a contributor dies and no one come forward to make a claim; after some years, someone will divert the money  
to another account and eventually sapu the money into their own pockets.

This is true... Pls have it check out! I went to KWSP and found out my benefiaries gone too! So I have to provide a NEW nomination.

Some even have all their data missing! Better check it out before it is too late.

For easier process, pls bring along original and a photocopy of IC...this could be done immediately with a confirmation copy for ref.

No wonder there are a lot of ' Unclaimed ' over past 10 years! Suggest we better random check every year.   Please check your EPF norminations! 

EPF changed to new system on 31/12/2006,  guess the conversion missed out the beneficiary file.  
I went yesterday with my wife and shock to find out that both our a/cs do not have any beneficiary. We are very sure that we had personally gone to EPF office together and updated our record and now all the records are gone.  
Reason given by the officer was ' Saya pun tidak dapat jawab lah, munkin sudah sampai masa kamu check sendiri'.  
Two of my friends went to check after receiving my email also found the same answer - No record.  

Please inform your friends & colleagues - strongly advise to check your EPF records ASAP!

*nahhhh....  now you see - Malaysia Boleh???
wei ... this is not 1st time stupid things did happens, The Star newspaper had well documented a lot of this kind of freaking shit~

Let's do the calculation, if 10% who had got past away and DO NOT realize about this, so where does the money goes ya~  kakakaka

are they hoping you and me will be like this too... so the money belongs to the G-Force?


Bruce828 said...

Walao~ Mana boleh like that, stupid system~ cnt trust them at all!!!

Alpha Ace said...

Bruce828> yA lah~ no wonder i don like to pay them up kakaka~

now i dumping my money to Public Mutual yr d ..lohhh XD


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