Saturday, December 19, 2009

MARA Officer Did It Again???


I heard a lot of news about corruption cases well reported in TheStar and about how the government is going to tackle the issue.

Unfortunately, to my very surprise that I had just witnessed one of this shameful act early in the morning. It was happened in a shop; in Melaka. 

This had caught my attention when I suddenly heard a noisy argument between the shop Supervisor and their customer. To get a better view, I moved close in and who I saw was a blue uniform guy, a MARA officer who got so tense in this case. After the officer had left the scene with his two ladies, I went forward to ask the Supervisor. The Supervisor told me that the officer was tried to ask for a favor to alter his expired receipt so that he can claim more from the actual receipt. If it can't be done, he would issue a self made receipt and ask for a chop endorsement from the shop. 

Sure the shop Supervisor would not accept that. Hence, the MARA officer had rear his ugly head and make lots of noise to attract attention. Too bad, that he had caught my attention. 

His action of raising up the voice to get attention is definitely a foolish thing to do, and it would be more foolish with that uniform put on. Just wondering if I can get that CCTV video footage, that would be great!

*kah ni nia~ damn bloody Lan Ciao Lang~ si beh du lin o lang~
no wonder, d country so fucked up d~ $@##*!@




Rengam Boy said...

you have a good idea what to do with your blog but too much of distraction. Music auto on, game auto on. So I just write a quick comment and quit.
Sorry I have to say all these.

Yummy~licious said...

Old Town Kopitiam set up for ppl like them~ =)

Alpha Ace said...

Rengam Boy> thanks for d feedback ^0^
I will improve it n minimize it ya~

Yummy~Licious> agree ... n even more of that kind of place ...

Bruce828 said...

Support you!!! You did the right thing^^

Ya the game is quite annoying~ suddenly pop up lol


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