Sunday, December 20, 2009

Top 10 Stupid & Ugly Things That Malaysian Did???


 You may proudly VOTE the TOP 3 on the comment area~


1) THROWING tissue papers into the public washing basin as it was got maid to help them to clean out.

2) No need to queue up, just CUT the queue with Malaysian glorious style (push in).

3) Throw rubbish everywhere as the whole world was just a one big DUSTBIN.

4) Shit or urine without flushing OFF or CLEAN UP the toilet as it was their Mama's house.

5) DOUBLE PARKING or PARK like an idiot who FAILED his driving test. *How could they manage to get a licence then?

6) They SET their own rules on the ROAD - the Ci Bai & Lan Ciao who drove like spastic/demon posses scums!

7) BLOCKING the BUS/Transit entrances which would causing others UNABLE to get IN/OUT. Fuck~~ is the entrance filled with Honey/Money, so why they were damn senseless. Don't they know the middle part of the transit was spacious and comfortable???   

8) GRABS all the best food in buffet(particular that specific dish), wei~~~ Ci Bai Lang, can't you leave one or two pieces for the people behind you? Wouldn't it be refill soon? Shame on you~!

9) ALWAYS ASK FOR BEST PRICE, even though the Best Price already been called. If they can give you the Best Price after the offered Best Price; then The Best Price wouldn't be the Best Price in the 1st place. Damn annoying fuckers, since after half an hour, they still talking the same thing with the same result~!!!

10) Please MOVE AHEAD and DON"T SLOW DOWN to see the road accident on the opposite side. DOn't those people know they causing the traffic jam even though there was none accident happens on their way. What a whole bunch of unconsiderate Ci Bai Lang~!!!

* actually the list may goes on, perhaps you may help me to fills it up..
let me know so I may lengthen it soon.
.# Extension from Local Readers Feedback

11) Ugly SHOPPERS would fights like gladiator just for the damn sake of promotion FREEBIES - Digi? or Celcom Balloon      @_@"  by Independent Queen

12) Some DUDES were so BLIND on those big constant reminder on the cinema screen that KEEPS REMINDING them to turn off/ silent their noisy shagging hand phone. Also not least, PLEASE PUT DOWN your cripple legs from the seat in-front, do you like other hanging their cripple legs on your seat??  WTF~!!!  by Ken

13) I don't mind rearing pets in the apartment with some occasional annoying noise, but PLEASE DON"T LET THE JUNGLE MONKEY keeps making horny noise at all time~! This is stone jungle not real  forest jungle. Damn, I did heard morning cockooo   too ~~  (they even rear snakes, bunch of chics, monkeys, porcupines ...etc.)  by ME


14) PLEASE, DO NOT TAKE THINGS AS GRANTED, Free consultation was base on individual good will. NOT EVERYWHERE will apply the same thing as to boost good service. Actually, professional services or consultations are NOT FREE. Try go ask consultation from Psychologists or Doctors then just say thank you for your ADVICE and NO NEED to pay them??? IF EVERYONE COME TO YOUR PLACE FOR FREE CONSULTATION AND EACH OF THEM TAKE 20 MINS FOR FREE PROFESSIONAL CONSULTATION. Will you like it? Unless you are millionaire who don't need business or profit and how long can you do it? 12 hours a day? 7 days a week? for 20 years?
So, why abusing others ...and cursing them when there is a certain charges on consultation fees???
oH~ useless paper of PhD.  or any doctorate ......      Malaysian Kiam Siap!!! by Optom




Ariff Suffian Zainal  said...

Dont forget the -lah term used in everythinglah. (:

Independent Queen said...

12) Malaysian manage to kill others just to grab a freebie at a shopping mall. Even it is just a Celcom balloon. Pffttt. said...

totally agree!!!!
Nanged your post! Hopefully you will nang to read about is back with the name !!!!!!!

Ken said...

Hp didn't turn to silent mode in the cinema. Half way in the middle of the movie, it rang and those idiots chatted as if they're in the private home theater room.

Some tend to raise up their legs and place it nicely on the back of the front seat, even the front seats are occupied sometimes.

Alpha Ace said...

kakaka~ thanks guys .. u will soon see it being updated with extendssss.... XD

♥ Renise said...

it is errr.... Malaysian punya pattern? xD


Alpha Ace said...

Renise> ya~ exactly n they really made me feels that I was a foreigner from Korea or Jap..

since i got a fair skin n dyed hair too XD

` Yi Han said...

HAHA! nice post x)

Kelvin said...

Some of the things u mentioned is crime in Sg lol.

Alpha Ace said...

Yi Han> thanks ^__^

Kelvin> ya~ that is why Singapore done better than this whole big piece of 'ubi kayu' kakaka~


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