Thursday, December 17, 2009

Killing Barbarian Onslaught Bosses~!

.# the FLASH GAME can be DOWNLOADED from my previous post #
First boss: DAM GUARD
The easiest boss by far. when he slams his hammer down just jump onto it and launch off it and slash his cute face  XD



Second boss: ZOGGOT
To even get near him you must battle your way past his tentacles. The trick is to use 3 quick slashes at the nearest tentacle then quickly slash the ones behind you. If done right the tentacles wont get to even hit you!

This is a hard fight and took me about 6 times to kill her! To annihilate her, run next to the fire, and when she is coming at you use a quick strike to hurt her.
This takes practice to successfully slash her every time. (i hit her every time she came at me so it is possible =P)  
Tips When she summons her skeletons get next to the fire and as 1 pops out slash him so he falls on the ground, hold spacebar to crunch him when he is on the ground. Her bottles will not hurt you if you jump into them so as the first one falls jump the way it was hurled at you.

A very hard to kill boss, it took me awhile to figure out on how to KICK her S  XD. Just get right in front of her and quickly jump behind her she will pound the ground right were you stood before, then she will strike another pound but this one didn't got that Ommmph ..
.QUICK~! jump to her back again, leaving her back open to attack.
*If you wait for her strike n then only jump, like the one here - you're DEAD   kakaka~

There is no surefire way to kill this guy therefor i will give you some tips. When your rage is full you can use it on him to hurt him bad, also charge slash him while he walking forward. Beware of his jump attack when you are fighting him on the ground sometimes he will spring into the air and send you staggering and also prone to his attacks. After you kill him a load of skeletons come out of the sides of the screen so just get to one side and use your quick attacks to clear them out, best place would be on the staircase - you can Kick their S real nice n poke them to Dead n continue repeat d cycle...

A tricky boss to kill because he is  fast! To kill this boss you must attack his hindquarters when he is turned away from you. Wait until he rolls at you then jump the same way he is rolling and with luck you will land on him or besides him, Then just hit him in the back.

seventh boss: mister long name that i cant pronounce =P or simply DUKE of HELL
1.Kill the Enemies
-Kill all the enemies that are spawned.
-Try not to get Surrounded, because there are Black Knights.

2. He knocks you back
-He knocks you back, but won't hurt you.
-That's the way like he should be defeated.

3. Dodge the Flail
-While Running towards him, you will see a little shadow.
-Dodge that shadow because the flail will break your ribs.

4. Cover your face
-Hide next to the Stone when you are close to him
-He will try to burn you with Fire, so stay to the Rock.

-Jump and run to him.
-Strong attack while walking for the effect to work.

6. Tap Space
-Tap Space as Quickly as you can. This is not like the other little Enemies.
-Tapping Space on this Boss is really hard, even at the End you have to... "Break your keyboard Space button"

7. Jump and Attack
-To attack him, you must jump and slash at his head.
-He will die! xD

Repeat these Steps to kill him.
This whole process in the game is done for like 40 Seconds.

enjoy n Good Luck~!!



kumfye said...

hei yo...dropped by innit...just clicked your ads...good luck in your game...

Bruce828 said...

Wow~ looks like a interesting game~ I think i will download it and see how^^

Alpha Ace said...

kumfye> thanks .. i would do that too ^0^

Bruce828> ya~ at least to release some tension~


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