Thursday, January 14, 2010

1Malaysia??? RM15Mil for Muslim Women Divorcee?

it was really a disturbing matter here
as I read the StarNewspaper on the 12th and 13th Jan. 2010
there was an article that wrote about
Government would help out those Muslim Divorcee with RM15 millions
to lighten up their financial burdens.
Actually the idea was fantastic~!
...but hey, is this about 1Malaysia  ideology?
then what about Indian, Chinese, Iban, Kadasan, Singh ...???
why only Muslim???
Public might not mind if it was a charity from Muslim body to do that..
but it was stated as GOVERNMENT ~! Government should be fair to all and not solely to Muslim.
After all, that was tax payers' money.


ery said...

wah.. if like this..
a lot of wife will "mintak cerai" with their husband la...

Yummy~licious said...

Nxt election more divorced wife will vote for BN adi =)

Alpha Ace said...

mahai lahhh~ where got 1Malaysia like this...
that is for syok syok slogan only lah

can't imagine how they implement things before think twice or think over night

one can't think properly the get 2 lahhh or 3 ..or whole department ...
shit.. this the government implemented one how many brains involved ya???

araleling said...

wah.. then soon there will be more rich Malay woman already, maybe will be richer than those millionaire too

Alpha Ace said...

@ araleling
then you want to subscribe to their program boh? XD

kenwooi said...

if im a malay lady.. i'll get married, divorce.. married, divorce.. and over and over again..

and i'll get RICH just by doing that!

lol =P

Alpha Ace said...

...but y only Muslim??? y only Muslim???
where is 1Malaysia???

1Malaysia for talk syok!

Cassie said...

1 Malaysia NEVER the way..who's da fella who came up wif this idea huh? Really wanna kena...<<33

Alpha Ace said...

@ Cassie
..haiz .. no wonder last nite i dreamed that 1Malaysia signboard was found in rural Indon's village dumpsite ....


Anonymous said...

That's because based on the statistic, Muslim women divorcee tends to have financial problem compare to other religion. Plus, Malaysia is a muslim country. If any of you here don't like it, then just migrate to another country like some of my friends. Or you can convert to Muslim, nobody going to stop you. The choice in your hand. No need to make fuzz about it and no need for sarcastic remarks here.

Alpha Ace said...

@ Anonymous

is understandable that you wanted to hide your identity.

1st of all sarcasm will not be around if there is no stupid implementation. It also didn't have a well information to the public that they did it.

It was just like, I got the money and wanted to do whatever I want and you gonna respect it! Well, sure we gonna respect if it was well inform or distribute different proportion to each according to their needs.

Like mother buying different gifts to each different child... however, this wasn't the case it should be.

You are rearing your ugly face here yelling at my sarcasm without looking deep enough.

Shame on you~

Alpha Ace said...

Malay should have bigger portion of help ... but definitely NOT only TO MUSLIM!!!

you got my words???

Karen said...

We're already 2Malaysia aren't we? Going to be 3? sigh!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder how many portions must Malaysia be divided? Like pizza.

Ya ya I also agree with you on this news.............................indescribable.

Alpha Ace said...

@ Karen

...haiz longer bother d lahhh..
if you got d cash ..better migrate d

damn ...i don hav those cash..

even those PTPTN fella missing in action once they got into overseas

i think they also know now this place was infested with Indons and crime, c ..everyday StarNews paper got a lot of it...

Anonymous said...

Haizz... No wonder, some ppl already estimated that Malaysia's government will gonna bankrupt in few years later. Dunno whether is true or false.

Alpha Ace said...

@ Anonymous

...i know y those zealots gone so corrupted with devouring Billions ..coz they need to securing tickets for their 2012 ship boarding pass~!


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