Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Became Avatar Hand - After Fever

Small tiny red dots  had formed from my thumb to my wrist

another interesting tiny red dot was at the center here

Lastly I found out why people who have FEVER are advisable to take PORRIDGE
* it was easy to digest
* lots of fluid
* easy to consume/swallow
* most importantly - when we are in FEVER, our tongue senses seems to be unable to fine tune our taste towards all tastes. It will be too salty when we eat some fried meat(Luncheon/Spam), it will be tasteless when we drink soup, too bitter when we chew raw vege or too sour ...
I had found out that when you eat all favorite dishes with porridge - the taste was all BALANCE BACK. Eat salty egg with porridge, my favorite Luncheon meat, vege, stewed pork with porridge ...
It  turns out to be just FINE~!    ^0^


Ninja Coffee said...

get well soon

Anonymous said...

Hi, you take care, and drink plenty of water.

Get well soon.

Alpha Ace said...

thanks ..but i miss my KFC Tower meal leh ~!



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