Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Glorious Things They Did While Clubbing???

yeAH~ we all LOVE CLUBBING  in some ways
with the mood spinning HIGH~

perhaps we went clubbing once in a blue moon or got so stuck with it???

...but does those CLUBBING BUGs realize these things that happens below?

  So what they usually did?
1) Some loves to SHOW OFF their LOUD car ...literally not mean by NOISY even though some of their exaggerate CHEAP/EXPENSIVE modification still produce the same result as NOISY "...pls look at my car!!!..."  oK, they mind being label as JERK if they realize about their NOISE...


3) While some DUDEs also would love SHOWING OFF to other guys, how many HOT CHICs they were able to call in or to secured around their table that nite ... also not least how many BIG BOTTLES they were able to OPEN on their own/buddies expenses...

4) BOASTFUL on how able their poor LIVER can filter out those ALCOHOL despite complication on later years~

5) ONCE IN A LIFE TIME PERFORMANCE AS GLADIATOR that involves in some stupid dispute and got involved in some brawl, break glass, yell out loud, cut people, inflicted injuries directly or indirectly to self and others around ...
why ahhh?  again - SHOW OFF and lost their stupid to liquor(best reason)~

6) BEST PART - someone got killed or killed someone ...and tomorrow newspaper - "...hey Dad, I made you proud .. I did killed some S HOLEs last nite. Is ok, I'm the next S hole.." that God will forgive me.

7) Not so best part - got lost an arm or an eye due to being cheer leader/subordinate to their buddies .....

8) yeAH~ LOVE at 1st SIGHT in this kind of place was common and usually it leads to quickie SEX or sooner or later would ask for that. Be sure to keep some CONDOM for your own sake.

9) GOLD DIGGING in clubs was a good try since most dudes was loaded and ready to dispose their ill gotten fortune or their family left over fortune....but hell those rich dudes would usually make your life a living hell.

.... the list might goes on ...

* laughable .. people were subdue during day time and gone
totally different during nite life showdown.
It also tell us that girls/guys would usually loosen up themselves
more willingly in clubbing when compares to their ordinary days
which also means that chances of getting a NOD on your advances on him/her
would be greatly increase especially some alcohol or drugs was in play.
the pics below were extracted from this link - Wild Party in KL

*Lets Face the Facts*
When bringing girls to clubbing and while they wanted to show off~
Just let them be, people will stare at their assets and that was normal
or else don't dress like that. It was a public place so some time shits did happens.
If molest happens, go away from the scene to avoid further complication.
Reality - if you told your friends - Good Luck
Your friends might end up killing them or they would killed him or end up
loosing some body parts so they may go home and tell this great adventure to their next generation 
in later years ... of how stupid they had came across...

Well, no one knows who are you dealing with...
You got knives they might got guns ...bumped into drug lord? ..serial killer?

ANOTHER HARD FACT  for us to swallow...
Dude... clubbing was as packed as usual.. some squeezing in is normal
some even take it for granted as HANDS might roam around but not as below

kakaka~ that was extreme ... never mind...

so, what are you gonna do then?
send your men to kill or being killed???
come on ... you know CLubbing is for fun, rite? for wild ...for releasing tension ...for being bad...
The place ain't for HOLY MAN ...
even though you might be holier than ME~
only SEX, MONEY,DRUG, FACE/FAME(show off of HEROISM) exploitation
 ....and it was part of majority Clubbing industry
don't be naive and enjoy the sweet SIN???
Chill out~ 
 ...pls don't end up like this ...

...and don't drink and drive ..
my friend had his face turned Joker face last few years ago..
are you girls out there looking for a husband here..
I wish one for him ...
* damn, no wonder i just love photography...
...and hate clubbing...


Kelvin said...

I only went to a club 2 times and i can't stand the noise already. And a bitch got slapped by her bf for blowing another man in toilet lol. Apparently he met her in the club too. There is no true love in clubs lol.

Ken said...

If the atmosphere is good, I don't mind going there. Just that, the space is limited, making me feel like walking on Orchad Road during X'mas eve.

Luckily I'm not a good drinker. I love my liver... Haha...

Bruce828 said...

Wow~ Fucking Hot in Club man, Everyone is fucking everyone else~ damn^^

I would rather invite my friends over and hv a party in my house :D

Alpha Ace said...

that was coOL man~ in fact that happens all the time through out the his-tory kakaka~ some bitch just can't control their itch just those prick did~ ya~ usually a sex driven LOVE as I can say...

damn would be damn to squeeze around with an erection ON kakaka when your body was keep squeezing in to those tightly filled cushion(boobs) area ..hell the club was packed..
so girls can't blame us and blame our poor low resistance John Hardy .. XD

OMG ... my pants and pantie was wet like Mamak table cleaning cloth.. geeee.. some dude there even choking the atmosphere by smoking WEED there was HOT, pACKED and WET ...
damn I need a shower and a coLD Coke to drink ...better go home ... :P d way, can i join your house party


jfook said...

Haha. Clubbing is fun. Without all those people, clubbing is no longer fun anymore.

Alpha Ace said...

ya~ agreed ... but just be more cautious like what I had written up there loh kakaka~

Of Tr@vels, 3nvironment and bl@bl@bl@ said...

i have never entered a club before in Malaysia..the smokes's killing me actually..i've been to Bangkok's cover fees, non smoking area..better place compare to Malaysia's club..but yea..the warnings above..that's true very true

Ninja Coffee said...

Never seem to see those happening in KL.... At least not the ones that i ninja around. Man, gotta stalk clubs more often

Alpha Ace said...

@Of Tr@vels, 3nvironment and bl@bl@bl@
by far ..Bangkok clubbing was better but would get those wild scene here as well. oH man, those smoke not merely smokes but some of it was Weeds lehhh~

Be careful to clubbing in KL there are lots of moron who can't control their ego~!

Alpha Ace said...

@Ninja Coffee

wish you luck mate~!
no need to go far as the famous stretch of clubs were just along the famous Beach Club area ....

pui san said...

yuppie.. that's what usually happens in most clubs in KL.. I saw once in Mist too..

Alpha Ace said...

@ pui san

wahhh~ in Mist ah? (where ah? so long no clubbing d, need to Google a bit)

hehehe ...can tell us the story ah?

araleling said...

wah.. this is very wild.. @_@''
I don't like clubbing.. I never been to one that is wild like this so usually see from photo only.. But the hand and expose ... swtz..

Alpha Ace said...

@ araleling
things only will exposed to your eyes when you OBSERVE the scene intensely.

it seldom happens that daring but usually discreetly around the club ..some might lurking at the corner. can you see those hands .. LoL~

JaSoN LCE® said...



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