Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kill or Klean Camera Sensor!?

this may sounds FREAKING crazy
... but I had did it anyway
and I wanted to share to you my 1st hand experience on it
1st of all the camera sensor was a Super Delicate thing
my S lahhh~
Let me show you the sensor

NO, this is not the sensor. The sensor was behind it.
To access it, I need to go to Menu> Sensor Cleaning> Manual Cleaning
then, it would flips up and only now you can see the sensor as below


so why do I wanted to clean it? Was it really that dirty?
Answer - I found a stubborn super tiny small dust particle that stuck to it.
My blower unable to get rid of it.
Hence, I had decided to try out the wet clean.
OMG~ it got worse ~!!!
it was filled with liquid deposit stains on it... mahai~!
trust me - Never use those ethanol thing
so how?
now, it really gets into my nerve and I wanted to torture it~!
but hey~ it works~!
get yourself a soft dedicated camera sensor SWAB
and not those cotton bud (I was using that T__T)
use a clean n dust free microfiber cloth with Plastic CHOPSTICK
(no kidding that was what I had used after that disastrous wet clean)
Do delicately swipe a few rounds (i did 8 rounds) until it was fully clean
and all stubborn dust should be gone by now.
Last step, use the blower again to blow remaining dust off the sensor.
to check it how clean, do use a LED small torch.
Morale: Not to clean up sensor even some super super tiny particle is there
perhaps smaller than dust. Usually it will be worse once you clean it.
Unless the particle was obviously what you can notice.
It doesn't shows up in any of your photos mean it's not a problem
Use Air Blower to blow your sensor once awhile for keeping it tip top
(blows a few time 1st before blowing the air on the sensor)

Better still send it back to your local service centre.
hopefully it won't be worse after they had servicing it  kakaka~


Kelvin said...

Lol, i tot this is a post of damaging other ppl's camera lens without them notice haha:D

Alpha Ace said...

@ Kelvin

kakaka~ no lahhh ...but this thing ah not for faint hearted ppl to handle one ...
haiz more 2nd time d ..but if it does happen again, at least i know how to handle d loh~

Jimmy T said...

SO song hold the camera!At the moment only can look!

"The Camera is too hot to handle"

Glenn Kun said...

i want a new dslr. hehe

Alpha Ace said...

@ Jimmy & Glenn Kun
wei get one lahhh~ ^__^

Anonymous said...

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Alpha Ace said...

@ Anonymous

oH~ ^__^" like that ah~
Hopefully it does help you ya~
Thanks for visiting


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