Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This is How I Had Snapped the MOON

Last nite before I'm going to sleep...
I had found out that the sky was quite bright
while I was coming out from the washroom.
Then, I had decided to snap on my sudden urge, subject - Moon
Well, it was quite small in size even I had zoom it to maximum with my
55-250mm IS lens (at 250mm max)
oK, to snap it
here is how to do it...
Get yourself a Tripod
mount your DSLR(Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera with it
must have at least 200mm lens, such as 70-300mm / 55-200mm / 55-250mm / 18-200mm / 18-270mm and have to use the zoom end to the job right.
Now here is the setting you need to set (more or less) or to adjust to your taste.
Better set it into Manual Mode of shooting
f/8 to f/11 will be sharp to the job
set the speed to 1/60~1/125 so
the Moon will be darker (better details will be revealed)
ISO 100 (the lower the better)
set it to Highest Quality with max MP(example 15MP)
or shoot it in Large RAW format
* later you will need to crop it in your Photoshop or supplied photo editing program.
Now you had it mount on tripod and setting is ready. Now the last part which was the most important part - get it into focus~!
If your camera has this Live View function - use it~!
Switch the lens to Manual focus, switch OFF the Stabilizer as it will clash with the tripod.
Use Live View to focus properly, please zoom in x5 or x10 to manual focus to it best.
NOT EASY  as it will shake like earthquake with this kind of zoom and magnification~!!!
Your final result should be something like this
*it looks like an upside down Rabbit leh~
no wonder Chinese legend and Japanese legend had mentioned that the Rabbit was
on the Moon stomping/making some Mochi cake lah~
you need to crop it in the Photoshop
to make it looks like this
just *updated a new Full Moon on 29/01/2010
hehehe~ happy snapping ya~
Good nite and sweet dream my friends~


Ken said...

It's awesome!
I wanna get a new lens and tripod!!!
But $$ not enough. =(

Btw, why use live view? Everytime I use live view, the outcome isn't as nice as those snapped thru viewfinder. ;)

Alpha Ace said...

@ Ken
coz v can't fine tune d focus in View Finder mah XD

since the Moon was so bright and small, the only way to fine tune the focus and sharpness was through Live View magnification x10.


Kelvin said...

Not bad, its quite clear^^

Alpha Ace said...

@ Kelvin
hehehe~ i had discarded those ugly one mah ... trial and error loh ;P

it was just not FUll Moon enough hehehe~
hope few more days it will be Full lah~

Tammie said...

but my lens is only 18-55.
I'll upgrade it in a few years i suppose.haha.

wow even after cropping it still looks clear!haha and I saw the rabbit too! :P

Edwin T said...

it's really pretty! but it looks more like a fetus in the mother's womb to me. haha~

JaSoN LCE® said...

Great information u have there.. Thanks for sharing...! :)

Alpha Ace said...

@ Tammie
wah~ no need that long lah... few years meh??? go and buy 2nd hand lah. Tamron 70-300mm not bad leh ..RM400 can get d~! New one also RM600 only mah.

@ Edwin T
...hehehe come your idea was same as my gf one gehhh XD
she also said it looks like fetus leh.
May be someone had shoot so much white substance to the Moon LoL~

@ Jason LCE
you are welcome bro~ ^__^

[SK] said...

wow, looks like this is a professional photography lesson huh?? i like that photo btw, cool.. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you ;-) you should look at this emo boy one on this blog:

Alpha Ace said...

@ SK
thanks for liking it bro ... not pro lah ..just try try n snap snap

^_^ thanks anyway

@ Anonymous
geeeee.... that blog looks psychotic
I don't really fancy the arts in that taste. Sorry for being honest ya~


Wo Shi Nicole aka MsXeRoZ said...

oh nice...gotta try it some day~!

Cassie said...

@__@ oooo.....

This is such a beauty~

Bruce828 said...

Wow~ Nice shot of the moon^^ I always want to take photo of the moon, just it is impossible with only my W810 :D haha~

Alpha Ace said...

@ Nicole
I gonna snap one more time when it turns real Full Moon 2nite hehehehe~

@ Cassie
ya~ very mesmerizing wonder Chinese all love seeing people's "bat yuet sup 5" lah~ LMAO~

@ Bruce 828
W810 quite a nice phone leh ... is ok lah...can't compare with DSLR one gehhh~ that ah, snap it 1st then imagine it as big as possible loh XD

Kimberly said...

Wow~ Nice shots u got there =)

Alpha Ace said...

@ Kimberly
long time no see leh~
thanks for visiting, hopefully can post up more nice pics ya~

Kimberly said...

Saw my reply for ur comment on my blog? =)

Can link u mah? easier for me to check out ur blog. haha

Karen said...

wow!! please try it when full moon..would love to see

Alpha Ace said...

@ Kimberly
hehehe~ ya~ had it done d ... you are most welcome

@ Karen
hopefully can get it lah~
Don't 2nite got boh???
just after a heavy rain here leh~

Edwin T said...

and i believe he must be a giant to get loaded with that much of amount for the moon to be pregnant. LOL

P.S. it's almost full moon in teluk intan yesterday night. it looks prettier in the non light-polluted sky.

Alpha Ace said...

@ Edwin T
ya loh~ that will be the Best when the place is far away from city with such nice clear view sky on the Moon

...but ...sob sob T__T
last nite very cloudy leh can't snap FUll Moon.
2nite might be my last chance to snap Full Moon ...

WeiZhong said...

DSLR pro man. I don understand a single word that u explain about the DSLR... wat tripod i oso don know... lol..

2 words for you...
Great photo ^^

RunWitMe said...

I hv atempted it using my non-slr handheld. It's easy peasy. :)

Alpha Ace said...

@ weiZhong
when time arrive .. u will know more about it lah~ ^^

wah~ looks like i got a pro reader here leh~ next time we go out shoot 2gather ya~ ^^


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