Monday, January 11, 2010


this is not a normal pets lover you ever come across ..
this guy was fucking Psycho  ..
he was around here for along time ..
he was above authority ...may be???
most foreigners got fucked shooo  away by him
before they able to get a good photo shot
he will fucking CURSE & SWEAR with the loudest voice
that makes you pee like the time you were once baby ....

I had seen so many times people got a good loud  fuck warning from him .. so this time I had decided to HIDE FAR AWAY from his sight
to take his photos
this photo was taken from the opposite road (250mm max zoom), hide behind pillar
some passers by noticed me (shit... better do it fast)
if that piece of scum notice me.. he will chase after me


SHIT ... he found me d ...
I gonna start leaving that spot ..
or else he would chase me up
* i don't want to fight .. don't make me engage in fight .. you scum~!
i had never lose in fight ..the last scum got his face like Fah Loh Hon (big swollen head fish)

now I had gone to a further place ...
to snap ...
also zoom to max 250mm
from this place

250mm max

fuck man.... he looks like knowing me was there kakaka~
.a tight crop here...

will you love to take a close encounter of photo shots from this
nice friendly gentleman?
go ahead .. I wouldn't stop you for sure...
peace be with you and good luck ya~~
*Extra Note: anyone can start a business like him.
Just get themselves a few stray cats and some dogs .. or even a ram
(geeeee... my home outside got lots of stray cats and a lot Little Mickey Mouse)
dress them nicely and be a bit creative or wear some striking costume
show public you are ANIMAL LOVER. Ask for DONATION
damn ... no wonder recently got legions of BEGGARS, FAKE MONKS,
CRIPPLES, STUDENTS, WWF staffs ..asking for money~
they were controlled/employed by organization to do the dirty job...
I even got nag by them during my munching time (even eating KFC also can't relax)
&%$#@*&  mah chiu chi bai~
they think I got 10k pay per month ahhh~?!
i also need others to do some charity to my pocket.


Ken said...

Since when u become paparazzi? U fought with him? Geng lar u...
'Fah Lon Hon'. Haha...
A nice description!

Alpha Ace said...

where got fight with him ...
that was another guy .. long time ago d lahhh~

this fella was quite well known one
...haiz another tipu duit kaki

pick up some stray cats ..then ask for donation. By d way, my outside my house got a lot of stray cats ...
guess i can do this business too kakaka~

Princess Jennifer said...

wah.. I pity those animals..
Monkey on top of cats...

Jas said...

Haha Cool wei that guy has a monkey on top of his cats! Hahaha (:

Karen said...

Monkey cannot step on cats! He has to rearrange.

Bruce828 said...

Haha~ Funny, I might consider writing post about people at Perlis here too^^ Well known beggar around Kangar area :D

Alpha Ace said...

@ Princess Jennifer
actually d monkey was at upper level platform .. ya that fella really GILA one ;P

@ Jas
it was illusion optic lah kakaka~

@ Karen
ya~ should put d monkey on that fella's head LoL~~

@ Bruce828
ya~ a lot of this kind of weird ppl ... should help them to fame.
Kangar lehhh.. my gf hometown kakaka~

Me said...

hehehe! is he actor?
he should be happy that you are his stalker...or kind of opposite....

nice post...Alpha Ace..

Happy blogging...

♥ Renise said...

LOL~ saw that guy near to bus stop for so many times, but i didn't know he's someone like that, i just thought that he's a weirdo with those pets. but he's a real weirdo~!

Alpha Ace said...

@ Me
only for this time.. for his life

@ Renise
luckily you didn't snap his pics or else he gonna spell trouble for you~ ;P


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