Monday, January 4, 2010

Face It Man~! Other Countries Can't Do This Better Than US!!!

till you watch this video clip
you would know that Malaysia was the Ultimate BEST!

about NameWee the Hero of Muar town




Kelvin said...

I love his songs too, esp the one he was making fun of taiwan word, "Diao"

Bruce828 said...

Damn I hate the internet connection in my hostel, block tis block that~ lol

Haha, I like Namewee's song too~ Very DIAO :D

Alpha Ace said...

hehhehe~ we all love his "DIao" too coz we all love diao daio ... XD

kakaka~ Malaysia Boleh lahhh~
most local connection sucks... no way service providers can out perform that TM one ...must know who behinds it, if not their license will be revoked! speed had been capped. Partial monopolized kakaka~
corrupted place like this is 'si beh DIAO' one lah

we love NameWee~!


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